Pacific Image Electronics Introduces its new Wi-Fi Slite 200W gel documentation system

New Taipei City, Taiwan, R.O.C. — May 22, 2013 —

Pacific Image Electronics Ltd. (TWSE:6228), a professional developer and manufacturer of bio-imaging products, today announced the brand new Wi-Fi Slite 200W Gel Documentation System.

The Slite 200W Gel Doc System is the world first Wi-Fi built-in gel imager which allows researcher to remotely operate image capturing via any device which has Wi-Fi connection and browser such as tablets, laptops, and smart phone. “Slite 200W Wireless Gel Doc allows users to operate the system distant from the Gel Doc station itself. This will greatly reduce the chance of ethidium bromide contamination to lab equipment and maintenance expenses.” Wi-Fi connection also allows for data file sharing, and file browsing at multiple locations in a research facility. “With this stand-alone Wi-Fi system, we no longer need to carry a USB flash driver around to transfer file every time we run a gel experiment.” said C.Y Tseng, Pacific Image Electronics Product Manager.

The Slite 200W has three different light sources available: UV (TI_UV), blue (Colorfluor 200BW) and RGB (Colorfluor 200RGB: Red/Green/Blue). With its interchangeable light source design, the Slite 200W Gel Doc System is a powerful and cost-effective instrument for DNA and protein research such as blotting experiments, 1-D and 2-D gels analysis on protein staining with any type of visible or fluorescent dye. The light source, filter, exposure time, aperture, zoom and focus can be easily adjusted using the 8” touch screen panel. The Slite 200W equipped with high performance CCD camera and high quality dark room provides scientists the publication-quality image for their research.

In brief, Slite 200W has below features and advantages:

• Wireless operation
• Interchangeable light source design (UV, Blue, RGB)
• 8” Touch panel control
• Cost effective device

C.Y Tseng concluded: “The combination of Wi-Fi connectivity, interchangeable light source design, easy to use touch screen operation, and affordability means the Slite 200W is the ideal and cost-effective Gel Doc System for scientists who need versatility and quality results from their experiments.”

About Pacific Image Electronics (PIE)

Established in Taiwan in 1993, PIE is a pioneer in optical scanning industry. Through its strong developing and manufacturing capability, PIE earned outstanding reputation for providing advanced optical scanners with outstanding quality and reliability. Since 2004, PIE has started to develop, manufacture and market bio-imaging products with its own Avegene brand and has successfully established global sales network in more than 30 countries for life science products. The excellence of combinations of design innovation, quality assurance and manufacturing skills has led to continuous expansion of PIE. With expertise, passion and focus, PIE takes great pride in the ability to provide high quality products and professional ODM/OEM service to customers.

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