New Software Update available for PowerFilm Scanner v 1.02.84

New Software Update available for PowerFilm Scanner v 1.02.84
Features added to this release include:
1. Automatic Software and Firmware update notifications when connected to the internet: When your software needs updating the PowerFilm user interface will automatically notify you there is an update available, if you select YES on the prompt the software and/or firmware will be downloaded and updated.
2. Blank frame detection: This new version also detects if the first frame is blank to ensure the film properly enters the scanning area correctly
3. Save Custom Image Adjustments: 
Step 1: Open PowerFilm Scanner software, Go to Image Adjustment tab the default settings for all four options will be 0 “Zero” using the reference images make your custom adjustments, in the default box change the name Example: Highlight, Shadow etc. then select Save, to save your custom settings for future recall
4. Film Orientation description updated
5.Film strip move warning added: When the film cannot move properly the software will generate a message
6.Bug fix: Software crashed when whole white image occurred
7.Added video link to new Cleaning procedures