Rotatable Polarizer Holder


Valuable add–on "new rotatable polarizer holder accessory for PrimeHisto XE slide scanner. With rotatable polarizer design, the geological holder can be used in wide applications such as biological specimen observation, mining layer analysis, and petroleum study.


1.Built-in rotatable design, suitable for viewing from any angle
2.Allows scanning of thin sections of polished rock  on 1 X 2 inch glass slides in both bright field and polarized light
3.Widely used in petroleum, mining and semiconductor industries
4.Suitable for various biological and non-biological material identification



The rotatable polarizer holder works together with the PrimeHisto XE slide scanner for the following applications:
1.Mineral analysis: Mineral compositions in polymers, fibers, glass, semiconductors, chemicals, criminal forensics pseudo-objects, plant vacuoles, archeology, and other fields.
2.Various biological and non-biological material identification: Starch, fibers, pharmaceutical ingredients, DNA crystals, LCD.
3.Medical analysis: Stone deposition in organs, uric acid crystals in urine and joints.

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