RapidScan Overview

RapidScan lateral flow assay/array chip analysis platform

RapidScan is a highly flexible, easy to use and accurate imaging instrument platform optimized for lateral flow assay or array biochip diagnosis and analysis. It has comprehensive solutions and product portfolios to meet various IVD/POCT market demand. It can be applied in different applications such as Medical, Veterinary, Food safety, Environmental microbiology, etc. 

Main Benefits

Readers: We have PC reader, stand alone reader & smat phone operation reader to fit for different applications.


        PC reader                          Stand-Alone reader                   Smart phone reader   


Flexible adapter design: Fit for different cassette


Detect Line or Spot Assay. 


Detect Fluorescent or Colorimetric immunoassays


Rapid Test View PRO software for lateral flow assay development/QC



Cloud platform for big data analysis/service


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