Pacific Image Electronics Introduces PowerSlide X

PowerSlide X 35mm Batch slide scanner

The PowerSlide X is the latest technology for digitizing 35mm slides, it allows you to scan 50 slides at up to 10,000 dpi, and with a dynamic range of 4.2, it offers some of the highest quality for scanning this type of media format.

The CyberView X5 software features the ability to customize the scanning process, with automatic features for exposure, balance, contrast and digital noise reduction as well as the ability to perform multiple exposure scanning and multi sampling of the images to get the best possible image output.

Some additional features are auto color correction along with the sought after infrared dust and scratch removal capabilities, our proprietary technology called Magic Touch (Link to MT info page,  

The PowerSlide X is just the latest in a long line of innovative scanning products offered by Pacific Image Electronics


• Batch scan up to 50 slides at a time

• High 4.2 dynamic range for better tones, shadow and highlight details

• Includes patented image enhancement, Multisampling, MultiXposure (HDR) and dust/scratch removal technology

• Software bundle: CyberView X5 Scanning Software